Wedding Taster Meals

The excitement of the venue visits has settled and your Wedding date, venue and planner are all booked, suppliers are chosen and the countdown is in action. What’s next on the Wedding to do list? The all important wedding menu tasting.

When is the best time to do the menu tasting?

Well, this all depends on when you are able to come over to Spain, and how far in advance your wedding is booked. Also, if you are wanting to include a choice of mains on your invitations. The ideal time for the menu tasting is 3-5 months prior to the Wedding day. This is close enough to the wedding that you know roughly who will be attending, enabling you to calculate best which menu options are in budget, as well as allowing enough time to alter dishes should they not suit exact tastes.

We are aware however that with travel and work commitments this may not always be possible, so tasters are offered up to 12 months in advance of a Wedding date.

Who comes to the taster meal?

Depending on the venue, a wedding taster meal is included for 2-6 persons. We always recommend 2-4 people for this important job though. Although it is a very exciting time, and you’re about to enjoy lots of very delicious food (and wine!), it’s also a very important part of the wedding planning. The more people attending the taster meal, the more opinions and the more worry tends to occur.

A typical Wedding in Spain will have between 60-120 guests – For sure not everybody is going to have the same taste and the same preferences. Although of course it is completely justified to want to cater as best you can for your guests, it’s also important to realise that it’s a near on impossible challenge to ensure everybody adores every single canape, accompaniment and dish.

This is your Wedding, and while being sure to offer your guests a lovely time it is important that first and foremost you have options that you are happy with and that you as bride and groom enjoy. There are plenty of canapes during the drinks reception, and even out of the most unusual three courses possible, everybody is going to find at least one thing or one dish that they like so nobody is ever going to go hungry for sure!


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