Our Top 3 Tips for Getting Married in Spain

I’ve been asked this morning in an interview, what would be my 3 top tips for couples who are looking to get married in Spain so I thought I’d share them here:

1. Definitely the most important one for me – Think about the date!

The climate here on the Costa del Sol is very different to that in the UK and Ireland. If you choose a date in August, guess what, it’s going to be incredibly hot! I’m not talking “ooh isn’t it nice and sunny”, I’m talking more “It’s 45degrees and I think I might actually be melting”. We do take Weddings in the peak months, but I think it’s really important that couples are aware of the weather in advance. I have so many couples that ask for July and August and then when we actually chat about it they say oh we were only really looking for mid 20’s in temperature. June and September are definitely the most popular Wedding months, but this does mean that at some venues the minimum spends are increased on these dates.

2. Try to be realisitic and flexible in what you are looking for and the budget you have to spend.

It is common in most beach club or seafront venues that in the summer months they would be very busy anyway, so they don’t actually need to be taking weddings on. For this reason, most venues work on a minimum spend policy (rather than a rental fee). This means that a minimum amount must be covered on food and beverage in order for the venue to be closed exclusively for your Wedding party. These amounts usually vary depending on the day of the weekend and the month, so if you are looking for a beach club exclusive but our budget isn’t stretching to the Saturday prices, be flexible to consider perhaps a mid week date or a different month.

3. Enjoy more than just the Wedding day!

A lot of our couples ask about day after BBQs, gatherings or informal get togethers. Getting married here in Spain means that rather than everyone enjoying just the one day together, there’s actually plenty of opportunity to enjoy quality time both before and after the Wedding too.
I think this in itself takes a lot of pressure off of the couples and the Wedding day. Rather than having to spend the day greeting guests, it’s usually the case that couples have already had welcome drinks with their friends and families in the day leading up to the Wedding and therefore can relax and enjoy the day itself a little bit more.
We can help with arranging events in the lead up to the Wedding, BBQs for the day after, and have now also linked up with a Wedding accommodation expert who can work alongside brides and grooms and that way ensure that you’re all staying nearby to each other for the Wedding stay.

For more information about the venues we work with and our Complete Bespoke Wedding Package, please visit our website:


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