Connecting you to your Wedding Abroad

From our combined years in the Wedding industry both in Ireland and here in Spain, Eve and I are both aware how important it is for the Bride and Groom, or wedding couple to be connected to their Wedding plans. Even while living in a different country to where your Wedding is taking place we want to make sure our couples feel connected to the process every step of the way. We’re constantly growing and improving our services for Weddings in Spain, last year alone we undertook a complete rebrand.

Rebranding Bespoke Weddings Spain

In August 2018 we decided to completely re-launch the company and our concept. Doing over 50 weddings a year is stressful and it makes it hard to dedicate quality time to each couple and their planning journey. Yes, we were lucky enough to be a part of many, many couples’ special day, but with sometimes as many as 10 weddings in a row it can become stressful and almost impersonal. These is something we drastically wanted to change, and so we have. We are now limiting our number of Weddings and therefore are able to offer a much more complete and Bespoke level of service.

New Wedding Venues

Anyone following our Facebook and Instagram will see that we are often visiting new venues and adding a select few to our website. This is not because we are not confident with our already amazing venues, it is to keep on top of what the latest options are for our clients. Venues here in the South of Spain are often changing their policies and are regularly refurbished so a veue that we may not find to be of interest one year, might be the perfect Wedding Venue in Spain the year after. We like to stay up to date with what venues in the area are offering as much as physically possible.

Connecting couples to their Wedding plans

In a bid to allow couples a connection and greater level of control of their Wedding plans, we also launched last year a client login service. Each couple who book the Bespoke Package now have access to their very own client portal. This is comprised of a countdown to their wedding day (even the minutes to the ceremony!); breakdown of the package, what has been paid and what is outstanding; To do list of what is pending and what is already done; links to supplier info and much, much more. We also make multiple trips to Ireland and the UK where couples can meet us if they aren’t able to visit us here in sunny Spain!

Feedback from the client portals has already been amazing. Rather than having to email their planner, couples can now simply login and check what their balance is or let their friends know how much time there will be before they are fed on the Wedding day!

Extra services

We appreciate that planning a Wedding in Spain isn’t just about the day itself. There’s also the travel and accommodation of your family, friends and yourselves; possible connections to honeymoon vacation or cruise; wedding invitations that include enough info for the guests; wedding insurance; the possibility of day after BBQs or evening previous rehearsal dinners and of course, the ever important perfect Wedding dress to suit your Wedding abroad. With this in mind, we have taken it upon ourselves to partner up with some amazing people in the UK and Ireland and now also include contact details and information for the very best in Wedding dress design, Wedding stationery and a dedicated Wedding Travel Specialist. All part of the Bespoke Complete Package.

What’s next?

As we continue to constantly develop and improve our services, we’d love to hear from Wedding couples – Past, present and future: What would you like to see from your Wedding Planner in Spain? Is there something that would make the experience even more amazing for you?

For more information about our recommended Wedding venues in Spain and the Complete Bespoke Wedding Package, please visit our website:

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