Wedding Planning Timeline

How far in advance should we book our wedding date?

It’s a question we get asked very regularly, and there’s not really an exact answer. Take this week for example, between Eve and I, we have confirmed 4 weddings in the past 7 days – One is a Church ceremony for this August (yes, it’s tight!), one is a vow renewal for next year, one is a blessing for next year and one is a Church wedding for September 2021.

It all comes down to how flexible you (and your most important guests) are with regards to dates. For example, if you’re looking to get married on the 10th anniversary of your first kiss, that’s going to be a very specific date and year, so it’d be recommended to book as soon as possible. If you’re stuck to certain dates due to your job (two couples of those mentioned above are teachers) then that too is something that needs to be factored in. May bank holidays and Easter holidays are always going to be popular, and religious obligations of the Church may make an Easter date in particular a lot more limited.

If you’re engaged and ready to tie the knot as soon as possible then we’re on board with trying to make it a possibility for you. For a blessing, we can arrange the ceremony in as little as a few weeks, whereas for a Church ceremony we usually recommend a minimum of 5-6 months, although depending on parishes and personal affairs if paperwork is ready to go then it can be pushed through sooner.

Of course many couples require some time to budget for their big day so it isn’t always as straightforward as getting married on the first date you choose. Getting an initial quote and working out finances is a good way to start our with your Wedding date planning.

For more information or to ask for a personalised Wedding in Spain quote, contact us!

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