Why mums are just the best!

With UK Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, we thought it a great time to celebrate mums, and how amazing they truly are.

I’m still a relatively new mum myself, and I don’t think you really and truly realise what a soul stealing job being a mother is until you’re lucky enough to be given that role.

Our mums are there for us every step of the way. From the sleepless nights as infants and early rises, to waking us up in our teens. Giving us that last slice of cake that they really wanted, to talking us through our every fear. Does that motherhood role ever really let up? – Even years after moving out, and with lives of our own, where do we turn to when we have a problem, need help or just need reassuring that we ourselves are doing an OK job of it? That’s right, right back to Mum’s house!

As many of you will know, Eve and I at Bespoke Weddings Spain made many changes last year. Although we knew it was going to be a positive change, that isn’t to say it wasn’t difficult at times.  Making changes and updates whilst juggling our own lives as busy working mums. Working on a rebrand and relaunch in peak season, and of course while schools were out for the summer. Who did I lean on when I needed that little bit of reassurance? That’s right, my mum!

Eve and I have worked together in creating a future that’s going to be not only amazing for all of our brides and grooms with spectacular new venues and packages, but a concept that will also bring balance between our work and home lives. Our hope is that our new outlook in reducing overall numbers to give a more personalised service to our couples and giving them a closer connection to their wedding plans, should in turn, give  us the opportunity to enjoy our other full time jobs of being mothers ourselves.

On a more personal note now, and while we are on the topic of mums – I would also like to include a mention of my mother in law in this post. Without both my mum and Laura I’m not quite sure how I would have survived 2018. During a busy summer season with over 30 weddings, and a newborn not yet enrolled in nursery, our mums helped no end with childcare and support.

Melissa & Mitch-167

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