Wedding Videos

Have you thought about your Wedding video? Do you want one, are you unsure? Are you nervous at the idea of being filmed on your big day?

The new Bespoke Wedding Spain Packages include up to 6 hours videography as standard, alongside photography. We know a lot of couples are initially unsure about video – It seems like an added expense, it maybe even seems a bit un-needed. These are some of the reasons why we chose to include it as standard, rather than offer it as an additional extra.

Almost every bride and groom have thought about their wedding photographs, a lot will have ideas on their Pinterest moodboard, some might have ideas saved on their phones. While mobile phones have great cameras these days, there’s still nothing quite like a professional photograph, something to capture the essence of your Wedding day.

It seems fewer couples have discussed a wedding video though.

I too can be included in this, when my husband and I got married back in 2015, video was the very last thing that I booked. I was nervous about being filmed whilst already feeling nervous. I thought having a photographer and videographer was a bit OTT and too much attention on me. With some relatives unable to make the journey to Spain for our Wedding day though, we did in the end go ahead with a videographer, and boy am I glad we did. Don’t get me wrong our photographs are stunning, and we have a beautiful album, but it’s the video we get out if people ask about our wedding. It’s the video that we get out on a rainy afternoon and it’s the video that our parents show their friends.

As spectacular of a day your wedding may be, and as encompassing as the wedding planning may become, once the day has passed all you are left with are the photographs and memories. From personal experience and after asking many past brides what they would add on now if they had the chance, video comes in as the most popular option.

With the new Bespoke packages, video is included, if you opt to take it out that’s no problem, but it’s no longer an additional expense. Our aim is not to offer the cheapest wedding package on the market, but instead to offer you a great value yet also complete package, so there’s no nasty surprises.

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