Dads – What are their roles in the Wedding?

With Spanish Father’s Day next week, celebrated here on 19th March, we take the opportunity to look at what important roles of father of  the bride and father of the groom have in the traditional Wedding day.

Whether it’s a Church ceremony or beachfront blessing that you have your heart set on, Dads always play an important part.

Extra special moments for Father of the bride include:

  • Being invited to the Stag
  • Having first look at his darling daughter as she’s about to marry
  • Settling her last minute nerves as they travel to the ceremony together
  • Walking his daughter down the aisle
  • Kissing his daughter’s cheek and shaking the hand of her future husband as they meet on the altar
  • Traditionally, Father of the bride gives the first of the speeches
  • Having a father/daughter dance later on in the evening

In the upsetting circumstances that a bride’s father is no longer with us, or unable to attend the Wedding day, the role of “giving the bride away” usually falls to: mother of the bride, a brother or even a son.

Father of the groom has a much more relaxed array of activities to keep him busy on the wedding day:

  • Getting ready with his son and travelling to the venue together
  • Waiting together with the groom and groomsmen for the arrival of the bride
  • Second speech of the day (after father of the bride)



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