Weddings Guest Time

In a role reversal this week, I am going from Wedding Planner to Wedding Guest, and travelling to England for my Father in Law’s big day.

So this role is one  a little less practised for me. Give me a nervous bride, a difficult Priest or a hungover best man and I know what I’m doing, but being a Wedding guest, well that’s going to be a total change!

I spend many a Wedding day here in Spain looking on in awe at the magnificent dresses worn by guests, and thinking how lucky they are to be a part of such a beautiful day. Now it’s my turn to relax and enjoy the vows, food and celebrations, as well as keeping our feisty flowergirl in line of course!

I (Melissa) will be out of the office from this afternoon (Tues 26th Feb) through until Monday night (4th March). I am taking my laptop along with me, so will be able to check and reply where necessary, but as is usualy when visiting family and friends in the UK, we’ll be here, there and everywhere so not always in great wifi. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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