The Power of Positive Thinking

So this post is not only wedding related, but can be used in all aspects of life. Whether it’s bridesmaids arguing about their dresses, struggling to find funds for the extra details you really want to to include, a typo on the wedding invitations that you noticed after you sent them to print, we’re here with this post to remind you to step back, breathe, it will be alright!

Like everyone, I’m always amazed how people can stay positive in difficult situations – Through life illnesses, losses and other distressing turmoil. I’m lucky enough to not have been through any such difficulties as of yet, but there’s a lot we can learn from how positivity can be a huge game changer.

Although I have always been a “Everything happens for a reason”, “look on the bright side of life” kind of girl, I must admit that the demands of a toddler at home and lack of sleep had started to make me a little grumpy and resentful. Then I read one really short piece of advice, and it’s really stuck. It’s something I think about everyday:

When you are about to think or say “I have to”, switch this out to “I get to”. Be grateful that you get to be the bride getting married, be grateful that you have a home full of love (and laundry), be grateful that you have a child that wants to yell your name continuously. We take our everyday situations very much for granted, and although it’s a cliche, it’s a very true one. I’ve found that this little pearl of wisdom is incredible at turning pretty much any situation in to a positive.

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