Tried and tested Wedding Suppliers

As Wedding planners, we do more than just read and reply to emails, visit venues and queue up at Churches! We are continually sourcing and sampling new suppliers to make sure we are in a position to offer our brides and grooms the very best options for their Wedding on the Costa del Sol.

This week, I (Melissa) went under the makeup brushes of Tracey, or new go to in the bridal makeup department. We all know that makeup is a very personal thing, it’s something you want to be just right – Glam, but not too glam, natural, but not too natural, and most of all, we want it to feel light on our skin, but to stay well in place. What better way then to try and test on ourselves.

Just as we try the food at our venues, and watch the videos of our videographers, where hair and makeup are concerned, more than just a meeting is required – We need to know their products, know how they work, and know they can be trusted to make our beautiful brides feel confident and calm on their big day.

My makeup stayed in place all day, and although I might not have been getting married or being photographed (apart from for instagram of course!), I was working, and running around after a one year old outside, as well as the general mum norms of cooking and cleaning. After 11 hours, everything was still perfectly in place – unfortunately at that point I had to remove to go to sleep, but I personally will definitely be getting my makeup done again when I’m actually attending an event or head on a night out.

This supplier definitely passed our test!

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