Wedding Ceremony Options in Spain

At this time of year, after the many Christmas and New Year engagements, we get a lot of initial Wedding Enquiries from those who have always dreamt of getting married here in Spain.

One of the first questions that comes up is about what ceremony options there are, so we thought what better for the first blog post of the year, than to share some easy to follow information on the different ceremony options for Weddings in Spain:

Catholic Church Weddings

Catholic weddings are legal in Spain with no residency requirements, and recognised worldwide. Your Parish priest does the paperwork as though you were to get married in the Parish church at home and then sends it to the Diocese, who put their stamp on it. They then send it onto the Bishop’s office in Malaga. They usually have the address, but I have it if they don’t. From there it is sent to our church here in Spain and we sort it all out from this end. We have templates for the Mass Booklets and lists of suggested readings which are sent out to all confirmed bookings.

Romantic Blessing Wedding

Romantic blessings on the other hand are symbolic ceremonies that are not legally recognised. Most couples do not tell their guests that the blessing is not a legal ceremony. The blessings are just like legal services, including exchanging rings and vows, and are generally much more memorable services as they are tailored to you requirements, and not set by the any authority. They are very personal and so a very popular option.

Civil ceremonies unfortunately are only available for Spanish residents and these would usually take place in the local town hall.

For more information about weddings in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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