Wedding Trends Fall 2018

Before starting your dress shopping, it’s good to know of the new trends. These trends will help you decide what you like and what you don’t like.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a traditional wedding. They’re simple, elegant, white and beautiful. But, for some women that’s boring. They want modern, trendy, new and something that represents their spunky personality.

These trends show all of that.

For all the spunky brides out there, here is a list of wedding trends in the fall of 2018:

1. Swap the veil for a wedding cape

Veils are beautiful and can finish your wedding look, but they are also very traditional. If you are a modern woman and you are looking for a more vintage-inspired bridal look, you can top off your wedding dress with a cape. You can go full length to add a little drama, short and beaded for some retro glamour or just go with a sleek and simple look.

Look at celebrities like Solange Knowles and Serena Williams for more inspiration.


2. Wedding jackets

The capes can give a very Disney princess vibe and if you’re not looking for that that’s fine! With these wedding-ready moto jackets, you can still top off your beautiful wedding dress. The jackets have a very vintage and modern look and it’s a wedding-day piece we guarantee you’ll wear again!


3. On-again, off-again

Are you opting for an off-the-shoulders dress? With this new evolution of the off-the-shoulder wedding dress, you can choose when your sleeves come on and off! Detached sleeves can be very retro and throwback to the 80’s, but they can also be very slinky and lacy. These sleeves create the illusion of an off-the-shoulder dress while secretly being a strapless dress. Two dresses in one!


4. Tea length

This trend is for all the Audrey Hepburn enthusiasts! This mid-length wedding dress was seen all over the runway and feels like it came straight out of the 1950’s. It’s a very modest but sweet trend. This trend is perfect for a bride-to-be looking for fashion yet wanting a vintage look.


5. Nude

The previous blush wedding trend is now varying in shades of pink and nude. From bright colours like hot pink and peach to softer shades of nude, this romantic wedding will be sticking around for a very long time!


6. Dare to go bare

Dare to go bare with this mini dress trend. Mini wedding dresses and shorts are taking over the world. This trend is for the modern and quirky brides who like to experiment and show their personalities in this fun new trend.


7. (jump)Suit up!

Just like the famous Barney Stinson quote “Suit up” is for every bride that wants something different than the traditional white wedding dress. The wedding jumpsuit is usually only seen at fancy city-hall weddings, but this trend is destined to go down the aisle. Many brides opt for something very non-traditional for their wedding, so this Bianca Jagger-inspired trend is for them. It radiates Girl Power. 


8. Shoulder bows

In the wedding dress trend circuit, bows are very familiar and are many brides’ favourite accessory. This trend takes the old trend to another level. Across the Bridal Fashion Week runways, the shoulder bows showed up everywhere. We’ll definitely be seeing more of this trend in the future.


9. Less is more

You can never go wrong with a simple wedding dress. In this case, the saying: “less is more” is very true. The simplicity of the dresses looks very elegant and modern. It’s a beautiful dress and can make any woman look stunning. This trend is not per se very new, but because of Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding dress this trend has definitely been revived.



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