Selecting a wedding venue

Selecting a wedding venue can be the most difficult decision – you just want the perfect location with the right set up, size and even weather.

When choosing a venue there are some important things you should consider.

A wedding venue will influence your budget and décor. It is probably the biggest decision you’ll make for your wedding – no pressure at all… right.

It should be somewhere special; which is why a lot of couples choose to go abroad.

When weighing different options, then start with how much you are willing to spend.

Divide the spending in different areas, food, drinks, dresses etc. Then you know how much you willing to spent on the venue.

Estimate how many people you’d like to invite on your big day. Not only for the budget but also to see if the venue is too big or small.

You certainly also want good photo opportunities!

Always check out our website and Pinterest to get inspiration and see the real wedding photos of the venues you’re interested in.

Your wedding photos are something you will have forever so why not make it perfect.

You might have a good photographer, the perfect dress and make-up but the background and setting of the photos can really change it all.


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