Can’t wait to be back travelling!

As many of our past and present Wedding couples can vouch for, I (Melissa), am usually back and fourth to Dublin 5 or 6 times per year, meeting prospective couples, checking in with those who are already booked. As well as making various trips to Manchester too, to catch up with our UK brides and grooms.

This year however, given the volume of Weddings here in Spain, and my pregnancy, I’ve only been able to visit the Emerald Isle 3 times – back in January, February and April, and boy am I missing it – Both the place and the meetings!

I am however delighted to say that I have just booked my first trip for 2018! – Details of which will be confirmed closer to time, but it will be in early February, and I cannot wait to see you all!

In the meantime, my colleague Eve will be in both Dublin and Cork later this year. So for more information on her trip, keep an eye on the blog, or feel free to contact us on:

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Bridal party

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