Joining the Bespoke Weddings Spain Team

It’s not often I am speechless (any of you that have met me will know that is probably an understatement) but earlier this year as I drove home from Fuengirola I couldn’t quite find the words. I had just met the wonderful Melissa Palmer-Rumsey and my head was full of excitement and plans, a dream was finally becoming a reality…

Born in London, the eldest of four I have always been a supreme bossy boots. Lists for lists are my forte. After moving to County Wicklow at 13 I realised I was very good at chatting and listening, really listening and taking in the details – all the details.

Me and Mel

On completing my Leaving Cert in 2001 I was posed with those crazy decisions 17 year olds across the world are forced to struggle with – what am I going to do with my life? How can I tie all my strengths together to do something I love and I am actually good at?

Whilst dabbling with an Arts Degree I worked in a variety of hospitality establishments in an array of roles (chilling out watching TV snuggled under the blankets while I was supposed to be cleaning rooms was a particular highlight). Despite summers spent teaching English in foreign lands the hospitality industry at home kept luring me back.

I remember my first wedding. The love, the buzz, the drama….I was hooked! Before I knew it I had completed a Diploma in PR, Marketing and Event Management. A wedding co-ordinator’s position followed at a 4* hotel in the Glen o the Downs. Menu tasting, table plans, place cards, colour schemes, entertainment, drinks receptions – before I knew it I was 100 weddings down in a number of different venues and I can honestly say every single one was different. After joining an International Event Company weddings were put on the back burner but I couldn’t help feel that I was only ‘taking a break’ from my true love. The experience of corporate event management taught me lessons that have been invaluable in all aspects of my life however I still couldn’t get the thoughts of centre pieces out of my head.

After the birth of my two wonderful kids and hearing all the perks of my parents retirement in the sun I made the decision to ‘give Spain a year and see what happens’. Little did I know that I would find the home I never knew I had been looking for!

I quickly (and easily) fell into teaching English and three years later I had carved out a wonderful lifestyle for me and my family here in the Spain. However, marquees, dancefloors and bouquets filled my dreams and the bridal subscriptions on my coffee table had started to become ridiculous.

A chance meeting with the amazing Shona Stevens from Bunches (florist), led me to the Bespoke Weddings Spain office and started what would become the realisation of my career dream.

Working with Melissa over the past couple of months has been fabulous and being back at the heart of people’s special day is an honour. I am delighted to be part of the Bespoke Weddings Spain team and look forward to helping many of you wonderful couples create the wedding day of your dreams…

SBC Group Shot


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