Making a Wedding Day Special & Unique

As Wedding Planners, we get asked quite a lot, “How can I make my Wedding extra special?”, “What can we do to make it unique?”, and while designer cakes, and handmade decorations do add a personal touch to your Wedding, the things that make the most difference to your day are things you are probably taking for granted.

For example, we’ve recently been a part of three fabulous Weddings over the weekend, and from a behind the scenes point of view, here are the things that made the days unique and precious:

Saturday’s Wedding – Therese & Steven (6th May)

Booked over 2 years ago, the date was the important thing for this couple, as not only did they celebrated their Wedding, it was also the 50th Anniversary of Therese’s parents. Which of course makes quite a unique family tradition!

060517 Therese

Sunday’s Wedding – Geraldine & Maggs (7th May)

A small and intimate Wedding with just 30 guests, half of which had had their flights out from Shannon cancelled and been re-routed to fly from Belfast and Dublin in the early hours of Thursday morning. That, along with Geraldine’s father who went out of his way to make sure he was able to attend and walk his daughter down the aisle, this shows just how valued this couple are to their family and friends, who made it out to Spain to celebrate with them against all odds.

070517 Ger Maggs

Monday’s Wedding – Sarah & Jamie (8th May)

Sarah spent a lot of time on decorations, and a photo timeline story of her and Jamie’s lives together. The decorations were beautiful, but the handwritten vows were what really stood out to me at this ceremony. That personal touch, in the beautiful ceremony really made the day. Sarah had also been a bridesmaid at a previous Wedding we arranged at La Cala Resort back in 2015, so from a personal note, that made the day very special too.

080517 Sarah

So while Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, don’t forget that the little things, and your family and friends are always going to be the key ingredients in making your Wedding day remarkable.

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