How are you celebrating V day?

It’s that time of year again. The internet is awash with lavish Valentines Day ideas, giving unrealistic expectations to guys an girls around the World. Money doesn’t buy happiness though, or so they say, while a spontaneous trip to Paris with a proposal under the stars, might be your idea of a perfect Valentine’s experience, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank to enjoy February 14th with the one you love.

Here are our Top Five Valentine’s Day Ideas:

Make your dining room, the best restaurant in town:

So you eat here every night, usually with the TV on, and engrossed in Facebook. Make the night special, light some candles, ditch the technology, make your favourite meal, and enjoy with a glass of your favourite wine.

Brunch it

Can’t get a babysitter, or can’t face the restaurants on one of the busiest nights of the year. Don’t go for the dinner setting, do something you wouldn’t usually think of, whether it’s at home, or out, a luxurious brunch with bucks fizz is a sure-fire way to start a fabulous day!

Escape the real world!

A personal favourite for me – A night away from your norm. Whether it’s five minutes from where you live, or a five hour flight. Getting out of your usual setting is sure to spark closeness in the two of you. To make it even better still, leave the phones at home!

Do something new together

If you can’t get a whole night or weekend away, then how about just an hour or two? Go to a show you’ve never been to, try a new bar together, even visit a museum you’ve never visited. The shared experience will remind you how lucky you are to be together.

Write it down

So you might not buy in to the comercial holiday cards, and you might think that it’s all a bit cheesy to send a card to the person you spend most of your life with, but think outside the box – It doesn’t need to be a big shiny red card, or an antique love letter, just leave your love a special note in their lunch, or on the fridge. It’s a sure fire way to get your partner smiling.


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