Where to start on Planning Your Wedding?

Just engaged? Thinking of getting married abroad, but don’t know where to start?

Here’s 5 step guide to getting started:

1) Deciding on your preferred location/s.

The World is a big place!
Do you want hot or cold, beach or mountain, golf resort or beach club?
A Wedding in Hawaii is very different to a Wedding in New York, likewise in Europe, a Wedding in Rome is quite different to a beach blessing on the Costa del Sol.
Even if you’re not sure on an exact area, at least narrowing your search down to either the idea of a beach Wedding in Europe or a Church Wedding in a Romantic city will help shed some light on where to start searching!

2) Remaining open minded

Contradicting slightly with step 1, although it’s important to have a general idea of your dream Wedding day, try to stay flexible in terms of actual venue. If you’re focused only or a five start hotel, you might not see a beach club that is perfect for the relaxed gathering you crave.

3)Decide on which type of ceremony you’d like to go with

There’s no point spending hours looking in to a Catholic Church Wedding, if you’re dream is to get married on the seafront in a barefoot blessing. Wedding Planners in your chosen area will be able to assist you in explaining the options for what ceremonies are available in the different locations.

4) Get an approximate number of guests

Around 80% of enquiries tend to start of as having approximate 40-60 guests, but have you actually done a rough headcount on even your family members? Guest numbers can add up quickly, even at the very beginning it’s good to get a rough idea together of who you will be planning to invite. There’s no point working from quotes of 30 guests, if really you’re more likely to end up with 130. And yes, you need to include yourselves in your numbers as well as any children, although children are charged at a discounted rate.

5) Start thinking Wedding dates!

Ok, so some of you might already have a date in mind, maybe an anniversary or a birthday, but if you don’t, start thinking of what time of year works for you. The date is quite a key factor and may even end up effecting the location, as you’ll need to check what dates you can fly/travel to where! Also be aware that certain venues are likely to have peak and off-peak season, with that some may have offers available for low season and mid season dates. Are you flexible on your date? Do you have set parameters?

We hope you found this guide helpful, and if you decide that Southern Spain is the location for you, then where better to start your journey than with Bespoke Weddings Spain.

Good luck, and Happy Planning!


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