A very busy December!

The festive songs are playing, and the Christmas lights are shining, and ordinarily, December is usually when things calm down for us here at Bespoke Weddings Spain.

Everyone is too busy with buying and wrapping gifts, decorating their homes and planning parties, that Wedding planning can tend to get put on hold until the new year, which in turn, gives us planners some downtime and a chance to enjoy the festivities for ourselves!

This year though has been an exception to the norm. Given that this is the only chance we have all year to catch up properly and get everything in order for the next year, arrange any necessary updates for the website and paperwork processes, not to mention any personal changes (moving house, clearing out etc.). Things can tend to get added to the “Do in December” list that’s on my desk throughout the year. Along with the fact that this year we have taken on a new office, which needs furnishing and decorating before the year-end, ready for the onset of the enquiries, meetings and visits that the new year inevitably brings with it. I can honestly say, this December has been one of the most manic months this year!

End of season updates have now been sent out to all couples (2017 and 2018 Weddings) and we are now going through pending bookings to confirm/erase before the January Wedding fairs. Supplier updates to check and verify the details for next year are going to be sent out next week, and an order of new business cards and flyers will also be going in. Our new office is painted, and we’re in, but are still waiting on some of the furnishings and fittings, as well as heating! (Yes, it is cold here on the marble floor in December!) Interviews are taking place next week for a new assistant to start in the new year, and a new and updated Bespoke Weddings website is also in the pipeline. We hope you will all love our new changes, and are looking forward to welcoming lots of happy couples in to our new office in the coming months.


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