54 couples married, and 1 set of new office keys!

As I said earlier this month, October is my favourite month, and October 2017 has not failed to disappoint.

As well as celebrating some personal milestones (my birthday, and our 1st Wedding anniversary), we have also completed the 2016 Wedding season, which included 9 October Weddings, and excited taken on a new project in the form of one Bespoke Weddings Spain Wedding Office!

While we signed for the office last Wednesday, there is still some work to be done before we can move, so we are now balancing a juggling act of furniture shopping, painting, and emails, as well as the obligatory but soul destroying jobs such as changing over the names on electricity and internet. However, that is behind us now, as the accounts have been changed and so with a lick of paint and an afternoon of Ikea assembly bickering, we should be good to go!

On a brighter note, our final Wedding of the year took place last Friday 28th October. Barbara and Alan, married on the seafront promenade at Sunset Beach Club in Benalmadena, with a very unique bilingual ceremony, due to the bride being from Chile, and the groom from Ireland, this was the finale of what has been our busiest ever year.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of a truly successful 2016, and we look forward to the years ahead! Updates will be coming on the office….

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