Top 5 Trending colours for 2017

Choosing the Wedding colour scheme definitely deserves some consideration as colours make your wedding brighter and more personal. As soon as you have chosen the special colour for your wedding you can start matching your flowers, bridesmaids dresses, decorations and details! It’s best to remain flexible until after the bridesmaids dresses are purchased, as you might have a colour in mind, but then fall for something different in the shop!

Check out our top 5 list of the trending wedding colours for 2017:

 5. Yellow

“Yellow gives your wedding a sunny, happy and energetic vibe.”

4. Silver

“The colour silver is a peaceful, sophisticated and harmonious shade.”

 3. Red

“Red is a warm and passionate colour and is symbolic of Love.”

 2. Baby Blue

“Baby blue represents peace, serenity and infinity. It is the colour of trust and loyalty.”

 1. Soft Pink

“The meaning of the colour soft pink is unconditional love and happiness.”

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