Choosing Flowers for your Wedding Day

Flowers are for the romance lovers between us and they shouldn’t be missing from your wedding! Flowers replaced words during the Victorian era, but even Today they can play a big part in setting the scene for your Wedding Day. All types of flowers have different meanings and for your Big Day you should choose the one that suits you best!


The meaning of a Rose is Love, Joy and Beauty. It is the most famous and popular flower for weddings. Roses come in many different colours and are easy to match with your bridesmaids’ dresses. The Rose is sign for romance and ideal for a Romantic Wedding Day! Different colours of Roses have different meanings:

Pink Rose: Admiration

Red Rose: Passionate Love

Red & White Roses: Unity

White Rose: Purity

Yellow Rose: Friendship



The Lily is symbol for Innocence, Purity and Modesty. In early Christian art the white Lily is often associated with the Virgin Mary. The Lily has three inner petals which are considered to represent Charity, Hope & Faith. Lilies are perfect for your Church Ceremony! Different colours of Lilies have different meanings:

White lily: Modesty

Orange Lily: Passion

Yellow Lily: Ambition

Pink Lily: Sweetness




The symbolism of the Gerbera is the Simple Beauty of a very Happy Life. It is the 5th most popular flower in the world and is often used to send the gift of cheer. The Gerbera is the perfect flower to brighten your very Cheerful Wedding Day! The Gerbera comes in many different colours which also have different meanings:

Orange Gerbera: Sunshine of Life

Red Gerbera: Fully immersed in Love

White Gerbera: Innocence

Pink Gerbera: Adoration

Yellow Gerbera: Cheerfulness


There are many other types of flowers you can choose for your big day! Choose the type of flower that have some significance meaning for you and your partner. Every flower has a story to tell!

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