Choosing your Wedding Dress

Your Wedding is one of the most special and incredible days of your life and your wedding dress will make you look and feel like a real princess. Finding the perfect dress for this special day will be an amazing journey.

Here are our 10 top tips for finding the perfect wedding dress for your wedding in Spain:

  1.  Your Wedding Dress should be suitable for the weather. In Spain it isvery hot during the summers and you want something that is comfortable enough for you to enjoy your Wedding Day. Make sure the material of the dress is not too heavy that your skin cannot breathe. Silk organza, lace and chiffon are all breathable fabrics.
  2. When going Wedding Dress shopping don’t bring too many people. You don’t have to bring your whole family, keep your circle tight and bring just the people who’s opinions you actually want to hear, not those you’ll begrudge for having their say. Remember though whatever is said, ultimately this is your choice – It’s not about what they want, it’s all about what you want!
  3. Buy a dress that you are comfortable with financially. If the dress is way above your budget this will just add more worry to the lead up to your Wedding. You might then also be very cautious and protective of the dress during the Wedding Day.
  4. If you think you have found the perfect Wedding Dress, you should try to move in it and sit down for a minute. During your Big Day you will be moving around and sitting down, so you need to check it fits well enough to do the things you need it for.
  5. Avoid dresses with a heavy corset! They might look good when you have the dress on but they are not comfortable at all when you getting married in a warm climate.
  6. If you do find your perfect dress but it’s a bit heavy or warm for the weather, ask your bridesmaids to help you during the wedding day and assist you with water, paper towels, etc, when needed!
  7. There are some venues/churches that will require a bride to be a bit more covered up than others. Before choosing your dress, do some research on what is acceptable and what is not. This will save you a lot of last minute stress!
  8. Some beach venues can be very windy and this can turn your cathedral length veil into a scarf. Try to consider another option for your hair when you’re going veil shopping. If you have two options you both like (a veil and another hair piece), you can consider on the day which one you pick depending on the weather!
  9. If you have found your perfect Wedding Dress, you have found the Dress! Listen to yourself and what you want to wear. It is your Wedding and you decide what you want. You may listen to the advice of others but you are the one that is going to wear that Wedding Dress.
  10. If you have any worries about the Wedding Dress and if it’s suitable for the venue and weather, you can always ask your wedding planner! We of Bespoke Weddings Spain will always help you and support you!

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