Working out the Wedding Budget!

It’s always a sticky subject, but it is as important as any other part of your Wedding.

We always highly recommend that a budget is discussed at the very beginning of the Wedding Planning process, that way you and your partner are both aware of what you can afford to put towards the big day, and which items may and can be demoted.

Here are our 7 top starting points for your budget planning:

1. Number of Guests

This is a big one, as of course the food costs are usually one of the most expensive parts of the Wedding. With getting married abroad, it is that little bit harder too, to figure out who will and who wont be willing to make the trip. It is worth writing down a draft guestlist at the start of planning, this way you can get an idea of the meal costings straight away. Also, bear in mind that some venues have minimum and maximums, so make sure that the venue you choose is able and willing to cater for your approximate numbers.

2. Photography

We get a lot of couples that are surprised by the price of photographer, and the fact that “sure, guests can snap away for nothing”. Do you really want to leave your most precious memories of the day down to your guests? Photography is an important part of any Wedding, it is after all, one of the only things you will have to look back on after the day! It’s also worth noting that photography is much more than someone simply taking pictures on the Wedding day – It is quite often, a meeting before the day to discuss packages and options, numerous emails leading up to the Wedding with ideas and queries, travel costs, and many, many hours of editting your photos after the day has passed. Beware of budgetting too low for photography – You get what you pay for, and you’re not going to be able to change them afterwards!

3. Videography

The lesser spoken about sibling of photography. I will be the first to admit, before I began work in the Wedding Industry, Videography is not something I would ever have thought of including in my Wedding. Now though, it is something I recommend to every couple! Video captures moments that you, as the bride and groom, will not see as well as things such as: teary eyes during the ceremony, singing and dancing of your guests, hilarious speeches, and so much more. Although your budget may be limited, it is still worth considering video, lots of suppliers offer short packages for this, and some even offer photo/video combos.

4. Flowers

Flowers and decorations are one part of Wedding budgets that can vary HUGELY! I mean anything from 0€ – 10,000€, and that’s just from last year’s Weddings alone. Don’t underestimate how much that 12,000 rose archway from Pinterest cost in real life, there’s probably a reason it’s a film start standing beneath it!

5. Music & Entertainment

Another hugely varying cost. While a Wedding DJ for the night might not break the bank, if you are planning a choir in Church, saxophonist during the drinks reception and 4 piece band for the evening, prepare to foot the bill for these things too. There are lots of different options for entertainment, and pretty much something for every budget, again, it’s a big point to consider in your budget.

6. Accommodation and Bridal Suite

Most venues here in Spain include the Wedding night as a gift for the newly married couple. The Wedding night means though, the Wedding night – Not the Wedding day, if you are planning to get ready in the Wedding suite, and/or have a separate room the night before the Wedding, you’ll need to account for this in your accommodation costs.

7. Wedding Planner

Of course, I have saved the most important one for last!
We get a lot of couples that ask us for shorter packages or discounted rates, if they only have us to look after the day, or plan certain items, rather than the whole thing. Ourselves, here at Bespoke Weddings Spain, do not offer this style of package. You see, the thing with this is, it has problems from the very get go – For your Wedding Planner to be in control of the Wedding Day, we need to know everything, right from the start. If you’ve asked for no onion in the sauce at the venue, we need to know. If you’ve asked your photographer to not photograph your tattoo, we need to know. If you’ve asked your guests not to throw confetti, we need to know. If we aren’t kept in the loop of the very things that are important to you, then how can we ensure that you get the Wedding you have wished for? Please bear in mind that a Wedding Planner fee covers a lot more than just the work on the Wedding day – It includes our prompt replies to emails, the meetings and phonecalls before the Wedding, the trips to the venue to check up on things, the correspondence between your vendors, our constant attention via phone and email as and when required, our support through any possible issues, and that’s just the start… There’s a whole lot of things that Wedding planners do that the bride and groom won’t even see – Defending and avoiding any possible changes imposed by venues, helping guests, getting a drink for your photographer. Trust me, we are worth every penny 😉

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