The Music for your Big Day

Music is an essential part of your wedding. It sets the atmosphere and completes the image for everyone attending your wedding. The songs played throughout your Wedding – Whether it be at the ceremony or the after party, are songs that from that moment forward will always remind you of the special day that you tied the knot.

Whether you´re having a romantic blessing or church ceremony, music is what makes your wedding truly unique. We have many options for music during your ceremony in Spain, from Spanish guitar to a singer or string group. Choosing the add live music to your day will help the day flow in harmony and help to give a deeper meaning to your big day!

When choosing music for the ceremony, you need to bear in mind which type of ceremony you have opted for. If you are having a Catholic Church Wedding, then this will play a big part in your song choices – Music in the Church must be religious, respectful and classical. For a blessing, there is a lot more flexibility on the music front, and you can quite literally, choose whatever music you’d like! Some couples might choose songs that gives them good memories. The exit song of your ceremony, whether in Church, or by the sea, should be joyful, because you have just shared one of the most special moments of your life with your family and friends.

If you are happy to have your song choices played via CD or USB, this is not a problem, but bear in mind that if your planner is playing the music, she may not necessarily be there to calm your last minute nerves at the Church door. It may be a wise move to ask a guest to help out with this if necessary to avoid any glitches.

If you are having a cocktail hour after the ceremony, which most venues include, then ask your singer/musician for a price to continue for the extra hour – Most acts have special packages to cover the ceremony and drinks reception, and by then your guests will probably be getting used to enjoyed the ambience.

The most talked about music of any Wedding day is without a doubt, the First Dance. The song chosen for this should be one of the most personal choices you and your partner will make. If you already have “your song” as a couple you could choose that one, or think carefully about a romantic song that gives the right message.

Music is often something that is thought of late in to the planning process, but it plays a hugely important role in any Wedding day, from a playlist through dinner, to a father and daughter dance in the evening, it is important to consider all of the options and make sure that you choose an option that is right for you on the Wedding Day!

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