10 Top Tips for Groomsmen

Just as it’s an incredible moment for the ladies, when they are asked to be a bridesmaid, or maid of honour, the pride and honour is equal for the guys, when they are asked to step up as ushers, groomsmen and of course – The Best Man!

Here are our ten top tips for the men in your bridal party:

  1. The groomsmen should help the groom get dressed on the wedding day and be on hand to calm his nerves, if and when any cold feet arise! Grooms – You should make the most of this, your friends are actually there with you to help with any last minute thing you may need – Be it a crinkle ironed out of your shirt, or a jägerbomb!
  2. While in the lead up to the ceremony, the best man’s role in to generally look after the groom, and keep a tight hold of the rings(!), the groomsmen and ushers should be greeting guests and showing them to their seats, as well as ensuring adequate seating is left available for bridesmaids and parents of the bride.
  3. The groomsmen are the point of contact for guest during the lead up to the Wedding and on the day itself. They should make time to research the venue and have some knowledge of the local area – Key points boys are: Nearest place to buy cigarettes, nearest supermarket, petrol station and the local taxi number.
  4. Groomsmen and ushers should check with the bride and groom prior to the Wedding day as to if there are any special seating arrangements, or any guests that might need personal attention – wheelchair access, pushchairs etc. They should be on hand to help and make sure everyone is seated for the ceremony to begin on time.
  5. If it is a Church Wedding, it may be required for the groomsmen to hand out fans or mass booklets. They should make sure to be in Church with adequate timing so as to carry out this task as well as possible.
  6. During the ceremony, the best man will present the rings. If they have been carried down the aisle by a paige boy or flowergirl, he should make sure he has them collected and ready with plenty of time.
  7. Stand in child minders – If there are paige boys that will be standing with the groomsmen, it is their responsibility to look after them and make sure they are behaving well during the ceremony.
  8. After the ceremony, when the bride and groom exit, groomsmen should pair off with bridesmaid and lead out the other guests.
  9. Speeches – It is traditional for the Best man to make a speech, and of course for it to give the guests a good giggle, some couples also have one of the groomsmen make a speech as well as or instead of the best man, everyone should double check what is required of them by the couple before the big day.
  10. After the customary first dance, groomsmen and bridesmaids will likely be asked to join in (and take some of the pressure off of the happy couple), make sure you have your dancing shoes at the ready!

As well as the above, groomsmen and ushers are there on the Wedding day to help the day flow, helping move the guests on to transport and direct them to the next stop and take away the worries of Bride and Groom.


Groomsmen at Vincci

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