Sun, sea, sand and sweltering temperatures!

We’re just two Weddings in to July, and the temperatures are soaring!
For all of the couples that book July and August for the “guaranteed sunshine” it looks like they aren’t going to the disappointed. Temperatures reached over 35ºC at yesterday’s Wedding in Benalmadena. Even when we left to head home, at close to 10pm, the car temperature gage read over 30ºC! And the car had been parked in the indoor shaded car park!

The high temperatures of July and August are usually enough to steer couples to marrying in the shouldering months of May, June, September and October, but this year seems to have seen a break in that norm as we have 15 more Weddings to go before the end of August.

Our advice for brides that are getting married in the height of Summer, here is Spain is:-

Dress appropriately

There’s little point in dressing yourself in a 20kg dress, high necked number, or long sleeved gown. As the bride, you will be in the sun longer than almost anyone else, it’s important that you are comfortable enough to enjoy the day, and not feel a desperate to rip your dress off!This advice goes to the boys too – While some grooms dress in shorts and linen shirts, others refuse to wear anything less than a 3 piece suit, it’s important to make sure that if this is the case, the fabric is suitable for hot weather, trust me on this, wool is not a good idea!

Keep the ceremony short and sweet (Especially if it is not in a shaded area)

Even if you have adhered to the first point, you are still probably going to be dressed in a lot more clothing that you would usually wear on your summer holidays, so you are going to be hot from the get go, add that with the nerves and excitement, and by the time you reach the altar, you’re likely to be counting down the seconds until the end of the ceremony for a nice cool drink. Children and older guests are also likely to become very easily agitated in high temperatures that they are not used to, so try to avoid pro-longing this as much as possible.

Have a later start time

Ceremonies in the UK and Ireland usually take place around 12noon or 1pm. This is the norm, and I know that this is what a lot of couples are used to. However, and this is a very big however, not just the heat, but also the daylight hours here in Spain are much different to that of the UK and Ireland. If you get married at 1pm here, not only are you likely to actually melt alive, but you’re also going to be starting your disco in broad daylight. Listen to your planner’s advice on this, we’re not doing it for our benefit, if anything, it makes our day longer!

Wedding Favours

Although you may well be a chocoholic and planning to have your favourite chocolate treat as the favour for your Wedding day. Check that this is practical. For an outdoor Wedding, this is going to melt (and make quite a mess of the table decor), as will many sweets, and even candles (yes, it really does get that hot!)
Consider other options that might work better for your guests:
Are you having an outdoor ceremony – Maybe giving the ladies a fan would be a good idea?
Are you having a decked beach club for the reception? – Maybe flip flops  for your guests to change in to would be most appreciated?
Are you having a garden ceremony? Maybe heel protectors are the way to go?

The Wedding Breakfast

So you did your taster meal back in November, and absolutely loved the soup starter, roast turkey main and apple pie for dessert, but now in the baking sunshine, are you really going to want 3 hot courses of heavy food, or would you be better to swap in a sorbet to freshen the palate of your guests, or a cooling cheesecake to finish? When finalising the details on a cold, rainy day, at home, it’s easy to forget that you’re soon going to be in sweltering climes, try to think about the dishes you most like to eat on holiday, I doubt very much it’s going to be anything too heavy.

Wedding planning advice for Summer Weddings, brought to you by Bespoke Weddings Spain.

Journey back from Marbella Church




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