10 Top Tips for Bridesmaids

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a great honour. Along with the excitement and enjoyment of the Wedding day, as a bride’s maid you will also have some responsibilities to be aware of, some of which we will detail in this article.

The history of the bridesmaid varies across different cultures and religions. In the early Roman times, bridesmaids were used as a bridal troop to protect the bride from people who tried to hurt or steal things from her. The Western tradition of the bridesmaid and ushers is that they needed to dress similar to the bride and groom so as to confuse the evil spirits and ensure that they would not know which two of the group were actually getting married.


If you have been asked to be bridesmaid, chief bridesmaid, or maid of honour, here our top ten tips and duties you need to be aware of:

  1. Your job is to make the bride´s day perfect and help her to stress as little as possible. This means putting her mind at rest on the Wedding morning, offering her support and confidence, and not nagging about your own outfit or shoes under any circumstances.
  2. If you are lucky enough that your bride has a Wedding planner, this will relieve you of some of the standard jobs, but you should still at least offer to help with decorations, place settings and anything else that needs to be arranged on the wedding morning.
  3. If you are Maid of honour or Chief Bridesmaid you’re in charge! You will need to direct the other bridesmaids through their duties and explain to them on morning of the wedding, where they need to be, what time they need to be there, what they need to be wearing. Think “The bossy sister of the group”.
  4. In the excitement of the Wedding preparations, it is easy to loose track of time. It is important as bridesmaids, to make sure that the bride has had food before the ceremony.
  5. At least one bridesmaid should have a bag the necessary emergency supplies in. List of must haves, includes: lipgloss/stick, plasters and safety pins.
  6. Before the walk down the altar, a bridesmaid will need to help arrange the Bride’s train and veil, it could likely have moved since leaving from the preparations, whether you’ve travel in limo, car, or even just down fro the room by lift, the bride-to-be needs to be looking picture perfect for her big entrance. It is likely that this will also need to be done again when the bride arrives at the altar, so be sure to check. Throughout the day, there will be photos taken and lots of moving around, it is your responsibility to help make sure the bride looks her best at each stage, helping re arrange the dress is a big part of this.
  7. During the ceremony, the maid of honour will need to take the bridal bouquet from the bride and look after it through until the signing of the register.
  8. The bridesmaids should also have knowledge of how to pin up the bride´s dress and help her pin it up in the evening of the Wedding, so as to make dancing easier for her. Click here to see our top tip for this remember how to pin up the Wedding Dress!>
  9. The Bride is not the only one who will be in photographs all day – bridesmaids should make sure they stay presentable for photographs throughout the reception.
  10. Last but not least, if the Bride has children, then bridesmaids will need to step up to babysitting duties and be prepared to calm and comfort children through the ceremony.

Bride and maids departing


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