Top tip for Brides-to-be!

As Wedding planners, here at Bespoke Weddings Spain, we carry a big bag of tricks with us on a Wedding day, it comes complete with: sewing kit, plasters, charger, antibacterial hand wash and much more. We are there not just to make sure the Wedding day goes to plan, but also to ensure that any problems and accidents can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The one thing we do not have though is a definitive knowledge on pinning up the train on each and every Wedding dress.

After years in the industry, most can be worked out with little effort. Unfortunately though, with each dress design being different, there are sometimes when we are just a clueless as the groom when it comes to trying to pin up that once “must have part of the dress” which soon became the “very annoying, everyone trip overing, un first danceable extra material”. Brides and bridesmaids are usually shown the method for their individal dress at their last fitting, but with the nerves and excitement that runs along side that final dress fitting, it is often forgotten by the Wedding day itself. So, with this in mind, and in the digital era that we now live, we have come up with an ingenious idea – Why not make a short video and keep it on your phone? This way, when that crucial moment comes and you can’t bear another second of your beloved guests (and new husband!) trampling over your train, you know exactly how to pin it in place?

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