Saying Goodbye – Vincci Aleysa

Yesterday, we received the long anticipated confirmation that we will soon be bidding a farewell to Weddings at Vincci Aleysa Hotel in Benalmadena.

We were aware of this being likely to happen, as due to the hotel’s boutique size, having Weddings there on a regular basis has a huge impact on the regular hotel guests.

The only option to now celebrate Weddings at this venue, will be to hire the place out completely, meaning that all 35 rooms must be booked for a minimum of 3 nights in order to not create any disturbances.

We are very sad to say goodbye to Weddings at Vincci Aleysa as we currently know them, but are excited for what future exclusive events may be celebrated.

All Weddings previously booked at this venue (including a further 3 this year and 1 next year by Bespoke Weddings Spain), will continue to enjoy the high level of service as always, it is just the future bookings that will now need to adhere to the new policy.

The news came just one day after a Wedding we celebrated there, but has been many weeks pending.

Wedding Blessing at Vincci Aleysa Benalmadena

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