Arriving off the plane to Rain in Spain

Just 2 days ago the Olive Press reported that Malaga was close to being put in to a state of emergency with the lack of water following a very mild Winter here on the Costa Del Sol. The emergency plan would have seen the suspension of street cleaning and the irrigation of gardens and public and private parks.


Luckily so it seems, someone must have read this and switched on our emergency supply. We are now in the 6th consecutive day of rain here in Marbella, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon either!

Although it’s good of course for the area that we have the rain fall, it’s not quite so gratefully received at the Weddings taking place so far this May.

Our rainy season usually runs sometime between December – February, but this year it seems to have changed route. Our Wedding on 30th December enjoyed beautiful sunshine, and yet our Weddings last week had to implement the rainy day plans in some cases. We are hoping that the clouds empty and the sunshine re-appears by Friday for our next batch of Weddings in Benalmadena, which will start from this Friday 13th.

Here’s some webcam shots of Today’s weather along the Costa del Sol:


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