Leap year coming, once in 4…

…Brings to February 1 day more!

calendar where it's written february the 29th with a blue thumbtack

Not just does a leap year bring an extra day to February, it also bring the day of opportunity for women accross the World to take matters in to their own hands and pop the big question!

29th Febuary is the one day when it is known and well expected for women to propose to men.

leap year proposal

Nowadays it is much more socially accepted for women to propose or at least initiate the idea of a proposal, but this wasn’t always the case.The tradition of women being allowed just this one day to pop the big question dates right back to the 5th Century, it was then in reland when St Bridget complained to St Patrick about the amount of time a woman should await a proposal. It was then stated that St Patrick then added that the 29th of February during the leap year females could propose.

Tradition also dictates that if a man were to decline a marriage proposal made on 29th February that he be fined, with anything from a kiss, to cold hard cash.

We have come a long way  since the 5th Century in many ways, but this one tradition is something that still definitely runs strong Today.

We look forward to hearing the many stories to come of proposals taking place this coming Monday and will be keeping a keen eye on the social media for lots of newly engaged couples right at the the very start of their Wedding Planning Journey!

leap year prop

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