Stacey Here – An Update on my Journey

My Journey So Far:
After the romance that comes with the weekend of love (Valentine’s Day), we are at mid-month this is a perfect time to keep you up to date with my Journey so far.
Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending the Sunset Beach Wedding Open weekend in Dublin between Friday 5th -8th February.
I have to start off by thanking Melissa my Boss/mentor for all her hard work not only with making sure every detail in the bride & grooms to be special day is perfect but also being patient with myself as I learn the ropes.
I’m also very grateful to all of the suppliers and Wedding team at Sunset Beach for making me feel so welcome followed by the suppliers it was a great opportunity for me to get my bearings on how to bring each and every bride’s individual wedding day together.
As the weekend progressed I got the opportunity to meet a variety of brides to be at different stages with planning their big day, I was overwhelmed by how welcoming they were and happy for me to sit in on all of their meetings, which makes me even more excited to see their wedding day a huge success.
Following on from Dublin:
For Myself and Melissa this has been an extremely busy week in the office. I Feel as the weeks pass I’m progressing very quickly within the Wedding Planner world.
I’m very excited to be attending my first wedding day this month and I look forward to keeping you up-to-date with my journey.
I hope all of the couples we are working with had a fantastic valentines weekend.

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