Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy week and I’m glad it’s Friday!

We’ve taken a whopping 5 new bookings, 2 Weddings for 2016, 2 Weddings for 2017 and 1 Wedding for 2018. Enquiries have also been coming in thick and fast along with decisions being made by couples who have already booked.

Stacey has been working hard in the office this week, and is quickly learning the ropes so she will soon hopefully be able to take on some of the paperwork side of things.

Meanwhile, I’ve been out and about meeting with couples who are here for their taster meals and also visiting new venues. The famous Olivia’s Restaurant in La Cala has reached out to us to collaborate with them for Weddings there as they are receiving lots of enquiries. Although we are almost fully booked for this year now, we have gone in on the new venue with other Wedding Planner colleagues. I can definitely say though that it’s something exciting for us to be looking at from 2017 onwards.

Olivias 1

After a hectic week, I am very grateful that there are no Wedding Fairs this weekend and am very much looking forward to a chilled weekend ready for another busy week next week.

Happy weekend to all!


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