Goodbye 2015


I know everybody says it every year, but 2015 really has flown!

It’s been a crazy year for me, both professionally and in my private life. As a company, we took on a whopping 53 Weddings this year, which is the most per year to date. And although there is less than a week left of 2015, we do still have 1 Wedding to go!

The year has been high pressure and high reward, we’ve helped so many lovely couples have their perfect Wedding day and I’ve also been through the whole process myself. I’m not going to lie, in hindsight I perhaps wouldn’t have taken on quite so many September Weddings as I did this year: I literally left myself with 1 day before my own which was all fine and good until 2 days later when I think the stresses and strains of the season caught up with me and I ended up laid up with the flu! At least for the day itself, I was bright as a button and soaking up the limelight whilst finally getting to see the whole day as a Bride! Luckily, our honeymoon was planned for over a week later which gave me some time to get myself back together!

From my hen party in Miami, to the crazy summer of working 20 hour days and 7 day weeks, to my very own big day and then a beautiful 2 weeks of honeymoon, I have to say 2015 has been an incredible adventure.

We will be seeing the year out with our final Wedding of the year on 30th December at the beautiful Los Monteros Hotel in Marbella, and in 2015 tradition, we will be seeing it out with a bang with our biggest Wedding of the year so far!

Needless to say, New year’s eve will be a nice quiet night in for me and my new husband while I look ahead and prepare to go again for 2016 with Wedding fairs starting on 9th January and then on to another 50 fabulous couples who will be tying the knot next year!

It’s going to be bittersweet to say Goodbye to 2015, as I’ve had without a doubt, some of the most memorable moments of my life, I am however happy to know that I will never again need to go through the stress of trying to plan my own Wedding and honeymoon!
So Goodbye to 2015 and a warm welcome to 2016!

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