Time to play bride!

20141005-wedding-benalmadena-vincci-hotel-5After a very hectic start to the year, it feels like I finally have time to breathe. I have been travelling to Wedding fairs every other weekend and have met with lots and lots of lovely couples in both Dublin and Manchester. Now that the wedding fairs and roadshows are over, well for a month or two anyway, I’m making the most of it and taking my opportunity to play bride!

If you follow my blog then you will know that my boyfriend proposed to me on our anniversary in April last year, and I pretty much immediately went and bought my Wedding dress. As I see a LOT of dresses, I found it very difficult to find something I liked but not something I see regularly, I needed something a bit different and I found the perfect gown in a small boutique on the outskirts of Seville.

As our Wedding isn’t until October of this year (we had to wait until the end of the busy season!), I told the dressmaker to put mine to the back of the queue so in January I finally got the call to say it was ready and after 9 months, I am absolutely desperate to see it and try it on in my size! (The sample was about 8 sizes too big for me!) The out of office reply is on and I’m officially having the day off, literally cannot wait!

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