If Doctors make the worst patients is it true also that Wedding planners make the worst Brides?!

Finally things have calmed down a little now in the Wedding world. It always happens at this time of year, the Christmas decorations come out in the shops and so then couples automatically make the transition from Wedding plans to Christmas plans, it’s great for me as it means I get a little bit of down time, and even chance for a week’s holiday!

The “quiet” period for the Wedding planning world usually starts from the end of October, however this year due to one of the Priest’s ill health at a local Church, we have had to work overtime in moving many of the ceremonies that were booked for next year at his Church in to alternative location and also had the inenviable task of having to tell all of our couples of the sad news.

Now that all of the updated and relocations are complete for next year’s brides the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight.

While a break and rest from Wedding plans would be welcomed for just a couple of weeks, this year that isn’t looking like it’s going to be possble, as next year I’m number 51! Yes, I have 50 Weddings to plan first, but then it’s mine! 50 Weddings are going to keep me more than busy during the most part of next year, so I am trying to use my time now to get as many plans underway for my big day as I can.

You may think that my Wedding would be the easiest of all – After all, it is my job to plan a perfect day! This couldn’t be further from the truth though. I may be well rehearsed in Church paperwork and Catholic etiquette as well as arranging the perfect minister to suit a couples’ romantic blessing requirements, but when it comes to arranging a civil ceremony for my partner and I, I am a total novice!

Civil ceremonies here in Spain have always been complicated and very expensive, there are a lot of paperwork requirements and translations needed, hence why most couples opt for a blessing ceremony. Blessing ceremonies are also much more personal and the timings and requirements are much more flexible. However, as a challenge always intrigues me, I decided I’d go for a civil ceremony. I’m now two months in to the translating and stamping and paperwork tooing and frowing and I’m beginning to think I may have made the wrong decision. Maybe it is down to the fact that I naturally put all of the other Weddings before mine in order of priority, or maybe it is just the ludicris paperwork requirements, but I am drawing closer and closer to giving up on the civil idea and going instead for a Romantic blessing.

Am I just an indecissive bride or am I an overthinking Wedding planner trying to solve a problem before it arises? Maybe it’s a bit of both… I guess I’m just the same as all other brides in a way… I just want my day to be as worryfree as possible.

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