Norwegian Wedding Feedback

Lovely email from the lovely Mona and Johnny married September 18th at Sunset Beach Club:

“Hi Melissa

We just wanted to give you a little mail back regarding our magical wedding.

We had the best 3 days of our life during our stay in Benelmadena and Sunset Beach Club

Everything was absolutely fantastic, even better than we dreamed off. We had a magical feeling during this stay, our guest tell us they had the same.

We thank you for everything you have done for us, we thank you for making this the days of our life 

Hope you enjoyed the time with us, thoe language was a problem, but think you got a good picture anyway 😉

We left a “big” heart for you at Clair’s office, as a memory and another thank you for your help with our magical day.

Lots of kisses from Johnny, Mona, Nathalie and Dennis”

Mona and John

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