A Sunny September Wedding!

After a nervous morning we all breathed a huge sigh of relief when the sun finally shone through for Yesterday’s Wedding.

Natalie and Graham had their hearts set on an outdoor wedding with a relaxed and informal BBQ reception and when we all awoke to see cloudy and overcast skies after a night of rain and storms on the Costa del Sol, there was an anxious wait to see if it what the couple had dreamt of was still going to be a possibility.

After a LOT of hard work from the team at Luna Beach Club, cleaning and tidying the venue after the heavy rainfall, it was decided that in theory the planned scenario could go ahead. We then however had a second hurdle to overcome as their was a second rainfall expected for 2pm and with the outdoor ceremony due to take place at 5pm, we were all concerned as to whether or not we would be able to get the area dry and cleaned in time for the ceremony.

Luckily though the rain held off and out of nowhere the sun shone through into an afternoon of cloudless skies and high temperatures, perfect weather for the outdoor Wedding day of Natalie and Graham’s dreams.

A huge thanks to all of the staff and suppliers that made the day complete and of course a huge congratulations also to our happy couple!

IMG_1351[1] IMG_1352[1] IMG_1353[1]

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