Choosing the Wedding Venue in Spain thats perfect for YOU!

Choosing the perfect venue for your Wedding can be a difficult task. Even in your home country, choosing between venues that you know well and may have visited previously can be tricky, so trying to decide on a venue abroad in an area that you may or may not have even visited before can make the decision even more challenging! Here are our top tips for picking your perfect Wedding venue in Spain:

Bride by the sea in benalmadena

1. It’s all about YOU!

This is your Wedding day and the venue where you choose to spend your day needs to be somwhere that you absolutely love. The more input you ask for, the more difficult your decision is going to become. Although approval of your chosen location from parents, bridesmaids and guests is important, try not to let their personal tastes cloud your judgement to an extent where you are going against your own wishes.

Even once you have chosen your perfect setting, no matter how great your venue is and how much you love it, there is always going to be someone who can find fault with it. This is just the way of the World, the process of choosing a Wedding venue is very similar to the process of buying a house, only you know which Wedding venue is best for you!

Poolside Wedding Banquet

2. Location, Location, Location

How flexible you are on your location options can make a huge difference to how many potential venues you will have to choose from. There are so many brides that are dead-set on a location and overlook the potential of an alternative that suits them much better but is in a diffrent province. Is it really worth ruling out options based solely on the fact that they are in an area other to where you first thought of.

It is so important to keep an open mind when considering venue options, by setting your sights on only “Marbella” you are instantly ruling out offers and discounts that may be available to you in Benalmadena or La Cala and vice cersa.

Wedding fun

3. Who’s going to be attending your Wedding?

Are you going to have lots of families attending your Wedding? Will it be mostly young couples? Or is there going to be an older crowd? This is something else worth taking into account when deciding on which venue to go for.

If you have children yourselves and have lots of families attending your Wedding then, as it’s abroad and most guests will probably be making it their annual holiday, it would probably make sense to go for a family friendly resort/venue. Sunset Beach Club in Benalmadena or H10 Estepona Palace are great family hotel options.

If you are looking for a more exclusive and luxurious setting, then Don Carlos, Vincci Aleysa or Vincci Estrella del Mar are all very popular 5 star venues.

The overall amount of guests attendin your Wedding is also an important factor to consider, some venues may have minimum spends or guests minimum requirements applicable.


4. Time of year

Are you set to a definite time of year? Lower season months can often offer better value packages. Also it is important to bear in mind that in the Spanish Summer temperatures can soar to mid 40’s, do you realy want your guests to be melting as you say your vows?

You may kiss the bride

5. Put a price on it!

Last but not least, it’s that most important one…The Wedding Budget!

How much are you looking to spend on your Wedding day? Is the budget set in stone or is there room for movement if you found something you loved? It is important to try and decide on this factor before you choose your venue.

Make sure that all quotes that you get include VAT and any services charges that may be applicable, this will avoid any nasty surprises later on.

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