Wedding in Spain – San Pedro

Saturday 13th October – At a scorching 28 degrees, the weather was incredibly good to October and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Arriving at sunrise to Bora Bora Beach Club in Marbella/San pedro, myself, the groom, father of the bride and 3 other willing helpers arrived to set up the venue. True to form of a Spanish restaurant, we had no chance! Spanish restaurants are famed for the fact they can turn a venue around in a matter of minutes, although for a Father of the Bride working with Weddings at Ascot it sure did get the adrenaline running high.

After decorating the venue as much as possible the helpers all returned home to get ready for the 1pm ceremony and in the hour that they left the transformation took place. With the staff at Bora Bora we worked solid to get the room looking fabulous ready for the reception and to my delight it looked better than anyone could have ever imagined.

Arriving by horse and carriage the bride, her father and maids arrived on the dot of 1pm at San Pedro Church where the Catholic Wedding ceremony took place.

After 2 hours of drinks reception and a three course meal, the guests were then taken aback as the trio of Flamenco dancers burst in the room and took over the entertainment, getting everyone involved.

The day ran perfectly and the entire Wedding group were such great people, absolutely lovely. They made my job a pleasure and I would do it all again next week! I finally slipped away as the sunset after the first dance and left them to party until the early hours.

I am over the moon that I was lucky enough to be a part of Jade and Darren’s special day. A huge congratulations to Mr & Mrs Szukalski!

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