A Weird and Wonderful Wedding Day

Saturday was the Wedding day of Christian and Christina at Sunset Beach Club in Benalmadena. The couple were Danish and had approximately 30 guests who had also travelled to enjoy with them their special day in sunny Spain.

With most of our Weddings being English or Irish, it is a rare occasion when we as Wedding Planners are lucky enough to be part of a celebration of a different nationality. We get to take part and oversee the different and daring traditions of a different culture.

The Wedding blessing ceremony took place on the seafront at Sunset Beach Club in Benalmadena and the service itself was very similar to that of an English or Irish blessing ceremony, however following the 3 o’clock Wedding the guests were then invited to Salitos for a 2 hour drinks reception. The Wedding cake was served during the drinks reception, where guests enjoyed a slice with a glass of cava overlooking the Mediterranean.

The most noticeable difference in the day was the length of the reception meal – 4 hours! This is a norm with Danish celebrations as there is a speech before the meal, one between each course and 3 afterwards, that’s a whole lot of glass clinking! The evening ran to a precise schedule and the first dance took place at 5 minutes to midnight.

Some of the other Danish Wedding traditions that the group shared with us, were:

  • Whenever the bride leaves the room during the Wedding Reception, all female guests then run and kiss the groom.
  • Whenever the groom leaves the room during the Wedding Reception, all male guests then run and kiss the bride.
  • The guests can begin to stamp their feet and rattle their plates at any time during the celebration, at this point the bride and groom must first stand on their chairs and kiss and then duck under the table cloth and kiss.
  • During the first dance the bride’s veil is cut into pieces for the guests to take away as a souvenir of the day.

The entire day was beautiful with fantastic sunshine. Although a much longer day than your average Wedding, it really was fascinating to learn of the different traditions. Please see below a selection of photos from the special day.

For more information about Weddings at Sunset Beach Club, please click here >

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