Blaze on the Costa del Sol

There is an eerie atmosphere consuming the West of the Costa del Sol this morning after last night’s devastating blaze.


Over 6,000 were evacuated as the blazed spread from Coin all the way to Marbella affecting Ojen, Monda, Mijas, La Cala, Elviria and Calahonda.

The fire began in Coin at around 7pm last night and unfortunately the heavy wind led the flames to become out of control spreading wildly until 5am, destroying the homes of many. Over 600 firefighters and 30 aircrafts have been deployed over throughout the night to try and extinguish the flames.

Unfortunately the blaze seems to have the upperhand and the fire is still burning now, as I type there are water helicopters flying above me and ash on my terrace.

Our thoughts are with all affected by this awful situation. For the first time in years the entire coast is praying for the rain storm that was forecast for this afternoon.

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